Dr. Robert Riedel, Professor of Psychology, Lynn Univeristy

My overall impression of our time there can’t be expressed in words but must be experienced in person so make sure you visit Ireland if you get a chance.

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Ellis Mansfield

I loved the small class sizes and the instructor's willingness to take class field trips to the historic sites we were studying was unparalleled to any experience I had ever had before.

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Erin Neason

Getting to see historical Dublin was an amazing experience.

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Jillian Jason

I stood at the Cliffs of Moher, looking out in the endless expanse of Atlantic. Somewhere on the other shore my pervious semester faded into the horizon. My head spun in a way unique to those who have left something fantastic only to find more excitement and far more life than they could have imagined.

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Kathryn Tobin

In the end I spent the last eight and a half weeks, or 59 days, or 1,416 hours in Ireland and the one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I do not regret one moment of my time.

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Keegan Bryant

The way that the summer program is set up, is perfect for those who are looking to explore the country, while earning some extra college credits.

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Laura Johnsen

Getting the chance to study in Ireland was a dream come true. I had dreamed about doing so since the first time I had visited the country when I was 11 years old.

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Lauren Loepp

I spent six weeks at American College Dublin this past summer and it was the trip of a lifetime. Dublin is a much underrated city which offers much in the ways of culture and general experience.

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Lindsey M Moyer

Dublin is an incredible city which is just bursting with energy. The nightlife there is unlike anything we have in America, and it is a very exciting place to be any night of the week

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Maura Haverty

The small class sizes and the dedicated professors made the classroom a very fun and enthusiastic atmosphere.

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Samantha Ward

When I look back on my time spent at ACD in Dublin I remember two things vividly: crying when I left to go to Ireland, and crying even harder when I had to leave to come home.

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Stephanie Russell

It’s a strange thing to be homesick for a place that was never technically your “home” but after 4 months in Ireland, it feels just as much home to me, as the house I grew up in.

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