Covid-19 classroom protocols 14th September

Covid-19 Protocols 14 September 2020

Welcome to the 2020-21 academic year to all our students and staff!

As we seek to adapt to the ongoing challenges of covid-19, we ask our community to observe the current protocols provided below; these will be subject to amendment and development over the coming weeks in line with changing circumstances, and so will be superseded as required as the semester progresses by updated versions.

  • Students and staff should wear face masks and/or face guards at all times in the College facilities (students and staff may bring their own supplemental protective or sanitary materials as they see fit);
  • Students and staff should register their attendance through an electronic system when entering and leaving the College facilities, in order to assist in tracking and tracing should an infection outbreak occur in the College;
  • College and class materials will be provided and should be used in electronic soft-copy formats inasmuch as is practicable;
  • Students and staff should attend the College facilities only for the purpose of taking classes and conducting essential undertakings and, once those activities are over, should leave immediately;
  • Hand sanitization devices should be used regularly;
  • Students should comply with all covid-19 signs and all relevant guidances and directions from staff and teachers on physical distancing (including seating, movement and related interactions in the classroom environment), sanitization and healthy behaviour;
  • Marked one-way systems and related signs should be observed in stairwells, corridors and other common areas;
  • Students and staff should adhere to all current government-mandated physical distancing and other covid-19 guidelines;
  • Student and staff interaction with administration should take place by appointment and whenever possible by videoconferencing or telephone;
  • Staff and students are encouraged to download and activate the HSE Covid Tracker app;
  • The College requests that any staff member or student who has a confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 stay away from the College facilities, self-isolate and inform the College’s Lead Workplace Representative (see final item below) or any other appropriate member of staff immediately of the diagnosis, and also inform the HSE of the diagnosis;
  • In the event that the College learns that a staff member or student has been diagnosed with covid-19, the College will follow the current HSE guidelines on how to proceed and inform the affected person and his or her contacts immediately of the procedure. This will likely involve the class group and any other known College contacts of the person being requested to stay away from the College, self-isolate and seek a covid test immediately; only upon receiving a negative test result will the relevant people be permitted to return to the College facilities and interact with the College community; the College will provide ongoing guidance based on HSE advice to all those affected in this circumstance and asks those concerned for their cooperation in resolving the situation;
  • The College’s Lead Workplace Representative for covid-19 is Rowland Crawte; Rowland may be contacted at for further guidance on covid-19 matters as necessary.