Covid-19 Information notice – 29th January 2021

Dear students, faculty and members of the ACD community

In view of ongoing developments in the covid-19 health situation, we have come to the decision that ACD will teach the entirety of the current semester under the present remote teaching arrangements (with limited exceptions for performing arts and musical theatre students, to be advised separately). Final examinations and assessments will take place under the same arrangements as the last two semesters, with most undertaken on a 48-hour take away open book basis, and exceptions noted to particular class groups. We are taking this decision because of the necessity to provide teachers and students with adequate time to prepare predictable and appropriate teaching plans and strategies for the full course of the semester under a changing and unpredictable public health background. We regret the necessity of this action, but believe that in the current and reasonably foreseeable circumstances it represents the best approach to the semester.

As we will need to work with remote learning for some time, we are issuing the following pilot policy for remote classroom etiquette; this will be refined in the light of practice over the coming weeks, but please read and observe the policy carefully, and note particularly the underlying theme: all students attending a class MUST have their cameras on and be ready to interact throughout the class, unless they have a specific accommodation approved by the Academic Office. From next week, the College’s Zoom accounts will be configured so that the default for all participants in the class or meeting will be set to video on from initial log on. Any students who turn their cameras off without an approved accommodation from the Academic Office will be marked absent.

With good wishes to all

The Senior Management Committee


ACD policy on remote learning and meeting protocols

You MUST have your camera on and be able to interact appropriately – to be able to ask and answer questions – unless you have a specific approved accommodation permitting you not to do so from the Academic Office.

1) Please look at attached ‘infographic’ which is a clear, self-explanatory illustration of the College’s expectations of you and your behaviour in remote classes and meetings.

2) Please read and follow the guideline below, which adds some weight to the points made in the attached graphic.

10 Steps for Good Remote Classroom and Meeting Behaviour

Find a quiet, comfortable space at a desk or table where you can work, preferably with a blank wall behind you so when you turn on your camera during a live session no other people, pets, personal items, or any distractions can be seen behind you by the group. Couches, beds and cars are not ideal and should be avoided; remember you are at work and so is your lecturer.

Unless you are using your mobile phone as a device to access the session or as a Wi-Fi Hotspot please keep your phones turned off. Ideally you will log on using a laptop or PC and only use your phone if instructed to do so by your lecturer.

Remain in front of your device for the duration of the live session and avoid movement away from the screen. If you are moving/walking/ getting up and down a) you are not working and b) you are a distraction to colleagues and the teacher. A remote class cannot be taken while you are commuting – walking/driving or on a car or train etc.

As a courtesy to the group, please be on time – to do this log in a few minutes early to check video and audio settings – the access ping in some meeting software is a distraction and some faculty who use the “waiting room” facility may not admit you after a certain period has elapsed.

Download any material required prior to the live session and have all of your notes, textbooks and stationary at hand for the live lecture/tutorial

Please follow guidance from your lecturer on protocols in relation to camera usage during classes and follow their instructions on how they would like you to interact – raise the hand, post in chat or by unmuting and so on. Different teachers may have different preferences, so please be aware of these.

Keep your device mic on mute while not speaking

Please avoid consuming food during the live sessions

Keep the meeting chat box for comments and discussions related directly to the topic in hand and please avoid unrelated conversations with other participants during live classes or lectures

There should be no unauthorised recording, visual or audio, of the class. The lecturer and College hold various types of intellectual property rights over class material and consent is required for recording students.

Zoom policy ACD