Opening scenarios – Covid-19

Covid-19 Information Notice 15 June 2020

  • ACD will formally commence its academic year on Monday, 14 September 2020; the preceding week will be taken up with registration, induction and orientation events, beginning Thursday, 10 September.
  • Because of the covid-19 pandemic, there may be some adjustments to the methods and means of course delivery and the associated activities of College life. This notice is intended to give ACD’s community an outline of the institution’s current plans for our September re-opening; updates reflecting changes, if any, in relevant circumstances and our responses to them will issue on 15 July, 17 August, and, finally, on 1 September 2020.
  • In our planning and activities, our primary concern is the health, safety and welfare of our community, insofar as we are responsible for these matters in the operation of our educational facilities and related activities.
  • Given our small class sizes, we want to open under conditions that are as close to our traditional teaching model as the wellbeing of our community, medical circumstances and state guidances allow.
  • Currently, the institution is preparing for the following scenarios, in what it presently expects to be the most likely order for them to arise (please do note that these scenarios are dependent on the prevailing conditions; they reflect our current thinking and as such will be subject to reconsideration and change as the public health context develops over the coming weeks):
    • Scenario A The College will open with a blend of traditional delivery physical classes and activities in small groups and remote teaching enabled by Zoom and Moodle. In this approach the College will adhere to Department of Education and Department of Health scientific advice, guidelines and protocols on health and safety in education and the workplace (provision of sanitization facilities, adherence to physical distancing guidelines and the like; greater detail on the precise nature of these provisions will be provided as we approach September). If quarantining is required for students arriving from abroad, the College will provide fully remote instruction until the quarantine period has completed. Performing arts classes may require additional special arrangements; direction and clarification on these arrangements will be provided by Director of Performing Arts Deirdre Masterson over the coming weeks.
    • Scenario B The College will open with classes delivered in the traditional in-class format, again adhering to the state guidelines and provisions indicated in Scenario A. This scenario is the College’s preferred one; if the public health situation improves sufficiently over the coming weeks and months it may be elevated to Scenario A – advice on this will follow in subsequent updates.
    • Scenario C If required by government mandate, the College will open in September with fully remote teaching and associated activities delivered by Zoom and Moodle.
    • Scenario D The College will open under Scenario A or B, but will be prepared to revert completely to fully remote teaching and activities within 24 hours if required to do so.